Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What happens if there is inclement weather?
A. This event is Rain or Shine.

Q. Where is the 2018 Pax River Air Expo being held?
A. The 2018 Pax River Air Expo will be held at Naval Air Station Patuxent River June 2 and June 3.

Q. Is the event open to the public?
A. Yes, the 2018 Pax River Air Expo is free to attend and open to the public*; access will not require any special credentials.

*NOTE: Individuals otherwise prohibited or specifically barred from entering the installation will remain barred from entering the installation during the 2018 Pax River Air Expo.

Q. How do I get on base to view the 2018 Pax River Air Expo?
A. NAS Patuxent River Gate 1 and Gate 2 will be open spectators of the Air Expo at beginning at 8 a.m. June 2 and June 3.

Q. Is there parking on base for the 2018 Pax River Air Expo?
A. Yes, parking for the 2018 Pax River Air Expo is available on base, conveniently located by the event area. All vehicular traffic will be directed from the main gates to the Air Expo parking area.

Q. Is Handicapped Parking available at the 2018 Pax River Air Expo?
A. Yes, Handicapped Parking is available at the Air Expo. Vehicles with Handicap placards or license plates will be directed to the handicap parking area.

Q. Is the performer line up the same for both days of the 2018 Pax River Air Expo?
A. Yes, the scheduled performers are the same both days of the Air Expo, but the schedule is subject to change.

Q. What items are prohibited at the 2018 Pax River Air Expo?
A. Unauthorized items at the 2018 Pax River Air Expo include:

  1. Weapons of any type.
  2. Alcohol, narcotics, and/or paraphernalia (with the exception of prescribed medications, to include insulin needles)*. 
    *NOTE: Medically prescribed Marijuana is not allowed on the installation.
  3. Pets, except for registered/licensed service animals for those with disabilities.
  4. Bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, scooters or any wheeled conveyance except for wheelchairs or other devices used by those with disabilities.
  5. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or drones of any type.
  6. Tents, Pop-up canopies, beach style (with a pole) or golf-style non-collapsible umbrellas.

Q. Are outside food and beverages allowed?
A. Food and Beverage Vendors will be on site Saturday & Sunday. List of Food Vendors is available HERE. Small coolers (hard or soft) 24 quarts or less are permitted. No outside alcohol or glass allowed. Coolers and handbags will be inspected by security, this may delay your entrance into the event.

Q. How do I get off base once the 2018 Air Expo is over?
A. Spectators will be directed off the installation through Gates 1 and 2 by personnel at manned traffic control points. Gate 3 will be open as needed to aid in the efficient flow of traffic.

Q. I live/work on base. Can I still access other parts of NAS Patuxent River during the 2018 Pax River Air Expo?
A. Personnel/residents of NAS Patuxent River who wish to access parts of the base (commissary, housing, etc.) not related to the Air Expo may do so by presenting their normally used base access credentials (CaC, DoD ID, DBIDs, etc.) to any of the security personnel at the traffic control point they wish to turn from.

Q. Are there areas or times that I can’t drive on base during the 2018 Pax River Air Expo?
A. Yes. During activation of the Aerobatic Box – the air space in which performers of the 2018 Pax River Air Expo fly in during their practices and performances for the Air Expo – the buildings and roads under the Aerobatic Box must be clear of all but non-essential personnel as a safety precaution.

Vehicle traffic on Cedar Point, Bronson, Young, Saunders, Johnson, Gammill, McCauley, Trimble, and McClanan Roads will be restricted along those portions that lie within the Aerobatic Box during Aerobatic Box activation. Security may allow vehicles and pedestrians to transit on a case by case basis in between acts but only when cleared by the Air Expo Air Boss. At no time shall vehicles be allowed to transit through the Aerobatic Box without Air Boss clearance during the Air Expo, or while planes are flying. Drivers should expect delays during aerobatic performances.

The Aerobatic Box is scheduled to be activated at the following times:

Thursday, May 31
            11:45 a.m. – 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Friday, June 1
            11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

            Saturday, June 2
            11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

            Sunday, June 3
            11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Q. I plan on boating in the area of the Aerobatic Box during its activation. Can I transit through the Aerobatic Box on the water?
A. No; boaters and other waterborne spectators must also remain outside of the Aerobatic Boxes during the times indicated above. Buoys will mark the boundaries of the boxes in the water. Security and Port Ops will coordinate with the U.S. Coast Guard to keep the water area inside the marker buoys clear of all vessels, swimmers and watercraft.

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